Posted by: kurtsh | June 7, 2006

INFO: Word 2007 new feature – “Contextual Spelling”

"Contextual Spelling" is a new feature of Word 2007.

Contextual spelling allows you to have correctly spelled words highlighted when they are incorrectly used in a sentence.  For example:

– They’re goes my hero.
– My friend spend two weeks in Colorado.
– I bought a pear of shoes.
– We’re loosing the game.

Note that all of these sentences have perfectly spelled words in them – they’re just incorrectly used.

Word 2007 can highlight these issues.  It produces a blue squiggle under words just like red squiggles mean an "incorrectly spelled word" or a green squiggle means a "grammatically incorrect phrase". 

Note that this feature is NOT turned on by default.  To turn on:
–> Word Options | Proofing | Use Contextual Spelling (check box).
There’s a full description of Contextual Spelling here at the Office Blog:


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