Posted by: kurtsh | May 19, 2006

COMMENTARY: Apple’s new “we don’t have viruses” TV ad

I’ve watched quietly as Apple has taken potshots at us in their recent TV ads.  But recently they released a TV ad talking about viruses between the MacOS platform and the Windows platform which to me is really deceptive about an issue that the entire computer community faces:  Security. 
Security is an area of technology that’s a topic that crosses platforms and technologies.  The concern for security is also not specific to the technologies marketshare:  People should always be concerned at the same levels regardless of what OS or application they’re using.  Implying that you "don’t have to worry" on a Macintosh or that you don’t have to follow the same guidelines and procedures as on a Windows PC is foolish as any security specialist would tell you.  One intrusion technique on one platform can usually be leveraged in some way on any other platform.  It’s not so much about the specific implementation of the vulnerability as much as it’s about the technique used.
So why the dearth of Mac Viruses?  Ctrl-Alt-Del posted this which pretty much sums up the fallacy of Apple’s ad:
In case, you don’t believe this logic, here’s a few sites to ponder:


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