Posted by: kurtsh | May 12, 2006

NEWS: Detailed coverage of the Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

This is one of the best play-by-play covers I’ve seen of our Press Conference at E3.  Truthful and accurate, the reporting is of very high quality and they ding us where we deserve to be dinged… and praise us likewise.  Nice.
Also, I’m really liking the video coverage from Gamespot.  Besides being very thorough, they do something that I really appreciate:  They provide broadcast distribution of their videos in Windows Media 9 for Windows users (which frankly gives you the clearest and best streaming media experience) but also in MPEG4 and Quicktime for Linux or Mac users.  And no they don’t use any of this Macromedia Video garbage – I’m so tired of Macromedia and its poorly compressed media, its lousy controls, its difficulty in archival, its horrible resolution relative to Windows Media or Quicktime, and its inability to be written to DVD.


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