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HOWTO: Switch between smartphones on Verizon Wireless’ network

How to find the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of your phone:
1) Remove the battery of the phone and look beneath it.  There should be two strings of numbers there usually next to a set of 1 dimensional bar codes.  The first string will be 11 decimal digits long and the second string will be 8 hexidecimal digits long.  These are the same numbers except in either Base 10 or Base 16.
3) Copy these numbers down – they represent your ESN and the way the Verizon network identifies your phone.  If you can’t find the ESN on your phone there may be a programmatic way of obtaining this information.  For example, see below for the i730.
How to determine your Samsung i730’s phone’s Electronic Serial Number (ESN):
1) Dial **772 (Note the TWO stars)
2) Enter 000000 for the Service Code.  (Write these digits down.  One is the decimal version of your ESN, the other is the hex version)
3) Select Tool – Exit.
How to register your phone with Verizon’s network:
There is a web page on Verizon Wireless’ web site where you can change your phone number’s assigned device.  In other words, this is how you can switch between, say a Samsung i730 Smartphone to a Palm Treo 700w PocketPCPhone (and back) on Verizon Wireless’ network.
(If you can’t get there from this page, sign in to then under "My Phone", select "Activate New Phone".  A web page comes up called Activate Your Phone Online:  Select "Activate Equipment" under Existing or Replacement Equipment")
1) Enter the ESN (either decimal or hex) into the ESN field
2) Select a reason code for changing (Received phone from other source)
3) Press Ok. You should receive a confirmation page acknowledging the change and requesting that you reprogram your phone.
Most people report that the change on the network side takes place within 5 minutes.  Voice Mail notification may lag however.
How to reprogram & activate your phone:
1) Dial *228 (Note the ONE star) SEND
2) Press 1 to program the phone.  This process will take 1-2 minutes.


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