Posted by: kurtsh | May 1, 2006

WEB: MSN Spaces releases new features

Interesting.  MSN Spaces has three relatively new modules for users to use and they’ve published a recent article on their Blog ("The Spacecraft") that goes into more depth on Expo:
Windows Live Expo:
Interested in advertising the stuff that you’re selling on the Windows Live "Classifieds" section?  Now you can using the Windows Live Expo feature.  Windows Live Expo allows you to put things up for purchase "regionally" – in other words, you can put things up for purchase that people in your geography specifically might be interested in.  For example:  Los Angeles Lakers tix,  signed UCLA jerseys, line passes to Circus Disco in Hollywood, etc.  You can do all of this at  What the MSN Spaces module allows you to do is post these ads on your blog automatically.
Windows Live Favorites:
Do you have a list of favorites that you wish would follow you around?  That’s what Windows Live Favorites are.  They’re a list of pointers that follow you around where you log in, as long as the Live Favorites add-in is installed on the computer you log in to.  (Go to for more info on this) These "Roaming Favorites" can not only be available to you when you browse the internet from say a kiosk computer, you can also post these favorites to your blog automatically for others to see.  For more info from the MSN Spaces team on this integration, go to:!8AA773FE0A12B9E3!6097.entry
(The is the Live Favorite’s blog BTW:
RSS Feeds:
If you’re into syndication summaries, the RSS Feeds module will allow you to post article titles & summaries of other blogs or other news site’s content on your site.  Good for sites that are like-minded to you.
If you want to use any of these, just go to the Customize feature in your MSN Spaces blog and select "Expo" or "Live Favorites" or "RSS Feeds" modules and configure them as you please.


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