Posted by: kurtsh | May 1, 2006

HOWTO: Remove the advertising on your MSN Space

Have you noticed something different about this MSN Space blog?   Take a good look around it.  Here’s a hint:  There’s something missing.
Yep.  That’s right.  No advertising.
Nothing above the title.  Nothing on the sides.  Nothing whatsoever.  It seems we added this feature and I frankly never even knew about it because you have to enable it within settings.  The advertising disappears if you have a Premium MSN Services account – like a Hotmail Plus account.
Hotmail Plus basically gives you:
– 2GB of storage in your inbox
– 20MB attachments
– Windows Live Mail interface
– Office Outlook 2003 integration (the Outlook 2003 client-side Junk Mail filter works wonders on Junk Mail within Hotmail)
…and of course, you can get rid of the advertising on your MSN Space.
If you’re interested in doing this:
1) Go to  Sign up for Premium Services for $19.95/year.
2) Go to<yourbloghere>/SpaceSettings.aspx and go down to Premium Settings. 
3) Check off the box that reads:  "Claim my benefits as a subscriber of Premium MSN Services".


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