Posted by: kurtsh | April 21, 2006

INFO: Windows Vista acceleration “technology names”

Windows PC Accelerators is the new term that encompasses Windows Vista’s new performance-enhancing technologies.  The Windows PC Accelerators are:
  • Windows® SuperFetch™
  • Windows® ReadyBoost™ (formerly code-named “EMD”)
  • Windows® ReadyDrive™ (formerly code-named “Piton”) 
Feature descriptions and sample usage follow:
  • Windows SuperFetch™ is a memory management innovation in Windows Vista that helps make your PC consistently responsive by tracking what applications are used most on a given machine and intelligently preloading these applications into memory. 
  • Windows ReadyBoost™ (formerly code-named “EMD”) makes PCs running genuine Windows Vista more responsive by using flash memory on a USB drive, SD Card, Compact Flash, or other memory form factor to boost system performance.    (Sample Usage: Windows ReadyBoost™ is an easy way to make my computer feel faster.  I just put in a USB key and follow the instructions on the screen.  Note:  This MUST be a USB 2.0 200x "extreme performance" to work)
  • Windows ReadyDrive™ (formerly code-named “Piton”)  enables Windows Vista PCs equipped with a hybrid hard drive to boot up faster, resume from hibernate in less time, and preserve battery power.  Hybrid hard drives are a new type of hard disk, which integrate non-volatile flash memory with a traditional hard drive.
    Sample Usage: I want to be sure my next laptop has a hybrid hard disk so I can use Windows ReadyDrive™.


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