Posted by: kurtsh | March 6, 2006

OFFER: Groove Virtual Office 60-day Free Trial

Groove Virtual Office is desktop software that allows teams of people to work over the network as if they were in the same physical location.
Whether your daily activities revolve around working with files, managing meetings and projects, tracking data and processes, or all of those things, there’s an answer to "Why Groove?" for you, your team, and your entire organization. With Groove Virtual Office you will:
  • Effortlessly bring together team members from both inside and outside your company, with no IT assistance required and no need to waste time thinking about firewalls, servers, security, or network access 
  • Get work done faster by always knowing each other’s virtual location, or online presence, thus allowing for organic and quick conversation and collaboration
  • Bring relevant information together in one place – data, files, messages, edits, forms, meetings, calendars, etc. — for everyone in your team to see
  • Always work with the same information whether you’re online, offline or on low bandwidth connections


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