Posted by: kurtsh | February 20, 2006

BETA: Windows Live Expo… Microsoft’s Classified ads

Think "craigslist".  Think "newspaper ads".  Think about your local city.  Now think, "totally free".  That’s what Windows Live Expo is.
Formerly codenamed "Fremont", Windows Live Expo is a new classifieds service that enables people to buy. sell, and trade online with people local to their geography.
New features will soon launch including:
  • MSN Spaces integration
  • MSN Messenger gleam triggered when you update your MSN Space
  • MSN alerts integration to receive alerts via your mobile phone, email, or IM.
Fun anecdotes we’ve heard from users:
  • A user sold his Coldplay tickets in 1 day with over 100 interested parties.
  • An employee said he saved at least 5 asynchronous email exchanges by using the built in MSN Messenger to communicate with his buyer.
  • A user solved a computer software question by asking other community members.


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