Posted by: kurtsh | February 7, 2006

COMMENTARY: 8 Reasons why Japanese Airlines kick the butt of US-based Airlines

I’m in coach class right now on All Nippon Airways Flight NH05 and check this out:
…I have actual wireless Internet access from my seat.  I’m getting bandwidth of about 160kbps down and 50kbps up.  And YES, this blog entry is being made directly from my airplane seat at 12,000 feet in the air.
…I have a REAL power socket in my seat… not some "airport" plug.
…I just had an actual video conversation with a coworker of mine at Microsoft through the video camera on my laptop.  How’s that for I/O?
…I’m eating REALLY GOOD teriyaki chicken.  Yes – that’s right.  I’m eating teriyaki chicken for lunch with good rice.  Not that garbage United serves.
…the flight from Los Angeles left ON TIME and ON SCHEDULE.
…all the movies and video features are on-demand directly to my seat.  I don’t have to wait until "3:00PM" to see the repeat of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".  (Although we really have to work on getting these folks to hook up some XBox’s here:  The games are all old Nintendo junk and this plane would be sooooo cool to play Halo 2 multiplayer in)
…unlike Alitalia, this plane is very clean, and very comfortable.  The air temperature is perfect… even my wife isn’t complaining about the temperature.
…and the flight attendants are attentive, professional, and… uh… very nice.  <grin>
(Attached is a photo taken by my Tablet PC video camera of my wife and I in our seats after we’d just done a video teleconference with Chandler Bootchk, the Real Time Collaboration specialist in Microsoft Los Angeles.  Imagine his surprise when we told him that we were at an altitude of 12,000 feet.)


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