Posted by: kurtsh | February 4, 2006

EVENT: TechEd 2006 Registration Begins!

TechEd 2006 Registration begins NOW!
Couple things to keep in mind:
1)  DISCOUNT:  You have until April 14th to register and get the early bird offer of $200 off.
2)  KEYNOTES:  Chief Technology Officer Ray Ozzie will be keynoting along side Corporate VP of Office Server, Kurt DelBene.  (Yes, you read that correctly:  "Office Server".  And if you haven’t heard about it yet, you better ask me sometime! <grin>)
3)  SELLING OUT:  This event always sells out by MAY.  No joke.  It will sell out by May of this year so be sure to register in advance… no, I will NOT be able to get you in after it’s sells out.


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