Posted by: kurtsh | January 28, 2006

INFO: Removing those “$NtUninstallKB….” directories in Windows

We’ve all seen them:   Those "$NtUninstallKB…." directories within Windows that take up a TON of space.  The question is… can I delete them?
The answer’s YES – if you never want to uninstall a given patch.  That’s all these things are:  Backup files in case you ever want to uninstall a patch from your system.  They are directly corollated to the entries in Add/Remove Programs for each patch that’s installed.  If you delete the directory for a "$NtUninstallKB….", there will still be a Registry entry that will have Add/Remove Programs displaying that patch and enabling people to attempt to uninstall it… even though no uninstall files exist.
So basically, you have to do both:  Delete the directory, the delete the reg entry.  Seems easy enough… until you realize that this can be laborious for 100 patches.  Enter Doug Knox’s tool.
Doug Knox sells a shareware app that does both tasks.  It will completely remove all Hotfix backups in it’s unregistered mode, and it will remove selective Hotfix backups in it’s registered mode.  Registration for the utility is only $5.
There’s more of a discussion on this topic here:


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