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NEWS: HD-DVD consortium comments on BluRay

BetaNews sat down with HD-DVD expert Mark Knox to talk about Sony’s Blu-Ray vs Toshiba’s HD-DVD spec.  It’s fairly long:
For those of you that can’t be bothered to READ the article itself, here’s the Cliff Notes:
HD-DVD will be 30GB.  Sony admitted that Blu-Ray will only be 25GB mostly.
HD-DVD has been churning out production units successfully.  BluRay has been suffering from production problems because of the accuracy needed for the blue laser and the purported, increase storage.
Because of the new laser in BluRay, discs must be thinner and are more prone to production problems, meaning fewer discs off the production line will be functional.  Additionally, duplication accuracy will be diminished in BluRay for commercial movies.  HD-DVD uses the same relative technology as today’s DVDs resulting in no increase in errors.
HD-DVD uses iHD, a menuing system based on DHTML which is a lightweight definitive specification that can be guaranteed to be implemented on every HD-DVD player.  BluRay requires the usage of a flavor of Java called JEM that because of the varied implementations of Java on future players, it will be impossible to guarantee that a BluRay disc’s menuing system will run on all players.
There are more studios signed up for BluRay than for HD-DVD however Fox Studios has demanded a higher level of DRM protection than what is available in the BluRay or HD-DVD spec that BluRay has caved in to, while HD-DVD has not.  This means among other things HD-DVD will enable people to play their movies through copies on Home Video Servers, Portable Media Players, Home computers, etc. while it is extremely unlikely that BluRay will.
HD-DVD will definitively release their player through Toshiba at $499 and $799 in March 2006.
BluRay is supposed to release their first player in May 2006 through Pioneer at $1,800 however it is very likely that that release date will slip.


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