Posted by: kurtsh | December 15, 2005

RELEASE: Build-your-own faceplates for XBox 360

Facetags was founded in 2005 by gamers looking to empower creativity. Frustrated by the lack of options they decided to use their powers for good, and create the best videogame system skins available today.
With the help of some of the nation’s best young designers and illustrators, Facetags will offers over one hundred unique Xbox 360 designs from day one. Taking notes from their competitors, Facetags uses only the high quality grade cast film which allows clearer prints and allows for easier installation. Releasing the first set of Xbox 360 specific skins might be enough for most companies. But it only gets better.
Truly custom Xbox 360 skins
In addition to the hundreds of premade templates available from launch, Facetags also has plans to launch an industry first – an easy to use application that allows users to create their very own designs online. From uploading a photo, resizing, to adding type, it is the perfect tool for those who have been hesitant to give customization a try. Users will be able to preview their art in real-time without the need to register, download files, or pay a penny. And for the hardcore artists, Facetags will print directly from your high-res flattened psd digital file.


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