Posted by: kurtsh | August 31, 2005

RELEASE: SyncToy v1.0 for Windows XP

SyncToy, a free PowerToy for Microsoft Windows XP, provides easy and flexible copying, moving, and synchronization of files in different directories. Most common operations can be performed with just a few clicks of the mouse, and additional customization is available without adding complexity. SyncToy can manage multiple sets of directories at the same time; it can combine files from two folders in one case, and mimic renames and deletes in another. Unlike other applications, SyncToy actually keeps track of renames to files and will make sure those changes get carried over to the synchronized folder.

Features added to SyncToy in response to customer feedback include the following:

  • The ability to type in a UNC path
  • Support for longer folder pair names and ability to widen the left pane to see those longer names
  • The ability to support the maximum length for folder paths, and documentation was added to the help file about how to set up a share to be able to sync deep folder pairs
  • Better handling of the difference in precision between NTFS and FAT timestamps
  • More discoverable link to the help file for information on how to schedule SyncToy using the Windows XP Task Scheduler
  • Support for 800×600 screen resolution
  • Added a warning for users if the selected action will take some time to complete
  • Added brief explanations of the actions in the user interface
  • Improved behavior when choosing folders to include or exclude when there are large numbers of folders involved
  • Improved support for accessibility modes


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