Posted by: kurtsh | August 25, 2005

RELEASE: How to enable your copy of “Windows XP Professional N” to be Windows Media enabled

I’m just posting this because this if funny as all heck.  Do you remember how the European Union forced Microsoft to create a "Windows Media-less" version of Microsoft Windows XP Profesionnal?
Well, I think by now it’s well known that no one’s actually BUYING the Windows Media-less version of Windows much to the chagrin of the EU that actually thought they were "improving the choices of consumers" by eliminating one of their choices.  (Doesn’t sound very bright does it when you actually write it down in words does it?)
So lo and behold, just in case someone actually does buy this thing, we’re provided a special 30MB package that includes all the components necessary to allow 3rd party applications that require Windows Media components to run.  In other words, this package turns WinXPPro "N"… into normal retail WinXPPro.
Or something like that.


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