Posted by: kurtsh | July 26, 2005

NEWS: Thoughts on the “Windows Vista” name

There’s been more than a fair share of jokes on the Internet about the name we’ve selected for our poor Longhorn Client. 
Internally, there’s been a few gags too.  Just yesterday someone made the crack that he hopes that we name Blackcomb "something kickass like Windows Metatron" or something like that.
Then there was the reference to "The OS formerly known as Windows Vista":
2009: Windows g
…along with the obvious suggestion of calling the next version, "Microsoft Door".
Someone made a reference to it being possibly "retro-cool" like the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.  Someone else cracked that even though the Vista Cruiser was once, the "new hotness", it’s now "old and busted".  (Men In Black 2 quote)  To which someone then replied, "I disagree. Windows 3.11 runs much faster than the competition these days, and has far fewer vulnerability alerts."
So for the record, as much as we may seem like the ultimate kool aid drinkers, we can always laugh at ourselves just as much as the next guy.  (Besides, we both know you want the beta as much as the next guy.  <grin>)


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