Posted by: kurtsh | July 22, 2005

NEWS: Longhorn renamed to “Windows Vista”

Here’s some things I’ve heard whispered about here in the hallowed halls of Microsoft:
  • The letters VI in "Vista" represent the roman numeral 6 which as everyone should know is the version number of Longhorn.  The issue is that while theres a movement to change our product releases back to "version" numbers (witness the release of Windows Mobile 5.0 for example) 6 isn’t exactly a very popular number, and additionally, the Windows Marketing MBAs need something wizbang to throw in the commerials so they selected "Vista".
  • If you look at the Windows logo, a casual glance might lead you to believe that it hasn’t changed much.  But upon careful inspection, notice that the gradiency has changed from lateral (left to right) to a radial gradient.  It’s supposed to be indicative of a broader view of information… i.e. a vista.
  • The pronunciation being used for vista is "vist-uh" with a short i.  Believe it or not, that question is a real popular one being asked.  We have a large latin contingent that’s trying to get it to be "veet-stuh" because of their usage of the letter i as an "ee" sound.  Heh – good luck that one guys.


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