Posted by: kurtsh | June 30, 2005

DOC: Best practices on “Streamlining a Branch Office Infrastructure”

We’ve just published a ton of guidance around "Branch Office Servers" that I think might be relevant to you folks.

Streamline a Branch Office Infrastructure
Use the Branch Office Infrastructure Solution (BOIS) guidance and tools to address the needs of large organizations and enterprises in designing and deploying appropriate solutions for branch office infrastructures. BOIS incorporates planning, design, and deployment information for a core set of Microsoft technologies working together to provide a complete and integrated branch office infrastructure solution (end-to-end, from hub through branch office server architecture).
The guidance focuses on reducing total cost of ownership for the customer through:
· Better utilization of server capacity.
· More efficient systems administration and management.
· Faster and more complete recovery of data in the event of a disaster.
· Higher degree of standardization and automation.



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