Posted by: kurtsh | May 30, 2005

TOOLS: Optimizing Windows XP Professional

For some time now, I’ve been doing a presentatioin called "Optimizing Windows XP Professional".  I’ve posted the presentation at along with the tools that I mention. 

In the presentation I talk about how to optimize:

  • Boot time
  • Shutdown time
  • TCP/IP stack
  • Hard drive accesses
  • File system performance
  • General Display performance
  • General OS performance
  • Video adapter I/O performance
  • Browser performance
  • etc.

One tool is called Connection Booster at   It does a nice job of resetting various registry parameters for the Windows XP TCP stack to optimize network performance for whatever the speed of the current Intenet connection is. 

The rest of the tools are located at  Warning:  It’s 38MB.


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