Posted by: kurtsh | May 10, 2005

E3 PASSES: Electronic Entertainment Expo passes for my customers

I have a few E3 guest passes for employees of Countrywide or Mattel.   Regristration opens at Monday May 16th, 8:00AM.  The actual expo portion of E3 (the part we have access to) is open on May 18th.

This will be a great way to hear about the next-generation XBox.  Or at least be a part of the hoopla.  Oh yeah – also, we have a TV special on MTV that will introduce the world to the new console called "MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed" on Thursday, May 12th at 6:30PM on MTV.

So anyway, if you’re interested and would like to go to E3 as a guest of Microsoft, and of course you’re my customer (and for those of you reading this that aren’t affiliated with Countrywide or Mattel, I’m sorry but I don’t have anything for the public) please catch me the next time I’m walking through and I’ll get you one.  If you haven’t been there before, be aware that it’s sheer chaos getting registered so you’ll want to get in line VERY EARLY with your E3 pass, and two forms of identification to "prove your involvement in the Entertainment industry".


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