Posted by: kurtsh | May 4, 2005

On Corporate Blogs & Trackbacks

This is a a entry that Robert Scoble wrote a couple years ago on the topic of Corporate Blogging.  I think it’s particularly relevant these days now that my customers are actually taking Blogging seriously as a means of building community around corporate intellectual property.


Y’know, on the topic of corporate blogging – I briefly turned on ‘trackbacks’ on my blog to help my customers link back to my blog without copying everything into an entry to their own personal blog.

Then I discovered that someone (with no relation to me), had out of nowhere found my blog and tracked-back to a specific entry.  After inspecting this person’s blog and their comments, I realized that I had really no interest being associated with their thoughts, opinions, or blog entries.

Sigh.  That’s the interesting thing about the Internet.  It’s like a electronic-microcosm (macrocosm?) of the Santa Monica DMV. 


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