Posted by: kurtsh | April 28, 2005

NEWS: 64-bit computing… it’s the future!

"The MSN Messenger server farm handles over 70 million concurrent sessions every single day. Until recently, they were using 250 32-bit servers to manage that load. When they switched to Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition running on x64 hardware, they reduced the size of the farm to just 25 servers."

That’s right:  From 250 32-bit Servers… to 25 64-bit Servers.

I suppose this is yet more commentary, which I typically don’t do but I think this is fantastic.  And remember that with just 25 64-bit servers, we still have room to GROW!  

That’s 225 fewer servers to provide electricity to.  225 fewer servers to patch.  225 fewer servers to monitor.  225 fewer servers to cool with air conditioning.  225 fewer servers to service pack.  225 servers to administer.

And it doesn’t stop there:  How about the desktop?  Think of the ability to stuff the CPU registers with huge numbers… the ability to process way more information in a single clock cycle.  The ability to operate EVERYTHING in memory and never having to go to the disk for anything.  The difference in technological ability is as dramatic as 16-bit 8086 CPUs vs 32-bit Pentium CPUs.

Anyone that says 64-bit isn’t the wave of the future for servers & desktops isn’t very visionary.  They might as well be saying, "640k should be enough for anyone."


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