Posted by: kurtsh | April 26, 2005

COMMENTARY: WinXPPro x64 will NOT be in the retail channel soon

Fellow Microsoft employee Chris Ard made a comment internally about the fact that WinXP Pro 64bit is currently only slated to be released for sale by OEM PC Manufacturers.  The only other way to get WinXP-64bit is to trade in your existing WinXPPro copy – there’s no out-and-out way to just "pick up a copy" of Windows XP Pro x64.

For a company that is supposedly trying to ‘curb’ piracy, doesn’t anyone think that this is just frickin’ lame?  Basically, this tells me that we’re not even gonna try to sell it initially.  It’ll be PirateXP-city, and anyone with a Kazaa is gonna warm up the ol’ P2P server and become mayor.  I don’t see why we don’t at least start to get boxed product ready for production in anticipation of it being on sale in a few months.

For the record, we have a deal (see previous post) that will allow anyone with the older WinXPPro (32bit) to trade it in for free for WinXPPro x64.  But what about the people that just want to buy the x64 edition for their existin Athlon x64 box or their recently purchased EM64T box?  They certainly couldn’t have gotten WXPx64 legally before their PC Purchase.

I hope I’m wrong about this.


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