Posted by: kurtsh | April 14, 2005

TOOLS: Smartphone GPS and other tools for Windows Mobile 2005

Here’s a bunch of Smartphone tools and products that I’ve been showing people.  If you have a Smartphone or a Pocket PC Phone, take a look at the stuff below.


Ever wanted to look up the traffic conditions on your Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone really easily? Check this program out:

They have other things too like a Comic program and some other apps for Pocket PC Phone & Smartphone but this Traffic program provides one click updates on the traffic in LA. Yes, it’s possible to get this stuff through PocketIE but this is a nice, clean, really quick interface for getting traffic updates. It’s saved me a number of times on the 112 to 405 corridor.


Do you own a Audiovox Smartphone 5600?

Interested in getting "GPS-like" functionality for your GSM-based cellular phone without actually needing a GPS adapter?

Check this out:

Based on the cell towers around you, the software can approximate your location… and help do things based on your location such as call forward your phone to your home line when you’re home, or make your phone silent when at work.

(…and no, this is not the "prank" GPS software that Les Gainous wrote.)


We have a partner developing an app called Skido.

Essentially it’s a GPS based app for Smartphone that allows you to track and record your descent on the slopes. Very nice UI and the guys are in Whistler this week "geomapping" the resort having already completed Val D’Isere. Feel free to check it out and note they have variants of this for cycling, running and more at

It requires a GPS receiver, like the Socket Bluetooth GPS receiver:

It works with any Smartphone that has some form of Satelite GPS capability.


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