Posted by: kurtsh | April 14, 2005

PATCH: Issues with MOM2005 & Windows Server 2003 SP1

There are small number of issues with using MOM2005 and WinSvr2003 SP1.  Consider this a heads up.

49594 – Windows Server 2003 SP1 breaks MMPC alert and discovery forwarding. [KB 895951]

50432 – Push agent install fails on w2k3sp1 when MOM server installed using action account with no admin rights on target box. [QFE released April 4th, KB895195]

50436 – Consoles are unable to connect to remote management servers that are running Windows Server 2003 SP1. [KB 895952]

51199 – Access denied when trying to commit configuration changes as a MOM Administrator on a remote UI. [KB in process]

51209 – Remote procedure call failures after applying OS service pack 1 to W2k3. [QFE in the works, KB896989]

In addition there might also be an issue of a clean install of MOM 2005 Reporting on Windows 2003 SP1, which was related to SQL Reporting Services. The workaround to the issue is:


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