Posted by: kurtsh | March 12, 2005

RTM: Coming – Application Compatibility Toolkit 4.0

This will interest you if you are planning/testing to deploy Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2:

Application Compatibility Toolkit 4.0 will RTW (Release To Web) on Monday March 14th. 
Check this URL on Monday –

If you are not already familiar with ACT 4.0 (or at least 3.0), I strongly recommend learning about it ASAP from the web site.  The toolkit has been in beta for over a year and makes it possible to adjust Windows XP Professional installations/images so that customer business applications can work on them seamlessly, in the event there is a compatibility issue.

For example, applications that misbehave and expect to be able to write to areas of the <system root> directory will typically fail on Windows XP SP2 images, since this area is considered sacred by WXP compared to other OSs.  The toolkit can have Windows XP reroute these read/write requests to safer locations on the hard drive, seamlessly without the application knowing enabling it to work.

I have a great Powerpoint that goes over the details of ACT4.0 if any of you, my customers, are interested in it.


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