Posted by: kurtsh | February 25, 2005

Major performance fix for Terminal Server scalablity

Major performance fix for Terminal Server scalablity

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I’d like to share a recent experience I had with respect to a migration project from NT4 (MF 1.8) to Win2k (MF XP). I’m presently engaged in a project for a large Fortune 500 insurance company that is in the process of wrapping up their migration. (I know.. NT4 is unsupported, blah, blah.. Anyway, the line of business that I’m contracting for had serious performance problems on the new server build that the enterprise team delivered. Despite the fact that we used to run ~100 users per server on the old quad 500 Mhz/2GB RAM servers, we we’re having significantly worse performance on Windows 2000/MF XP using Quad 1.4Ghz/2GB RAM servers. That frankly didn’t add up, and the enterprise folks in the Citrix group simply said, "Nothing can be done. The spooler service just doesn’t scale as well on Windows 2000." The Microsoft and Citrix engineers that are onsite for this client agreed–a typical response IMHO. Somehow it just didn’t make sense to me that hardware that was three times as powerful would perform worse just because it was Windows 2000, so I began scouring the Internet for anything related to the spooler service with high utilization. Obviously it took me a little while to get through the thousands of articles on this topic since it’s one of the most frequently reported issues in Terminal Server environments. Anyway, I ran across this Microsoft KB article that turned out to be EXACTLY what was causing our degraded performance:


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