Posted by: kurtsh | February 24, 2005

TOOLS: Optimizing your Windows XP network connection

I normally wouldn’t post tweaks like this on the blog but these changes can be so revolutionary to your network performance that I thought I’d plug these two free tools for you to use.

The first is a patch that takes WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2 workstations and ups the simultaneous outbound TCP connections to 50.  Currently, WinXPSP2 is limited to 10 which can drag your performance down.  You can get the patch and instructions here:

The second is a wizard-based tool that optimizes any WINDOWS XP workstation’s TCP connections.  These are very well explained in 8 easy steps and will make the process painless.  I personally have seen some dramatic improvements in just simple web surfing after using a tool like this.  You can download the tool and the instructions here:


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