Posted by: kurtsh | February 23, 2005

GSM Phones & PocketPCPhone/Smartphone

Many of my customers were having problems with the devices on T-Mobile’s networks. 
The device’s phone-side would occasionally (once a week) hang and not find any cell signals.  They even required a reboot of the device to start connecting to the cell network.  We hypothesized that this happened because the phone would lose a connection to the network then come back into reception and due to some timing issue, not be able to get back on.
It turns out that the solution was to just simply swap out the SIM chip with a new one provided by T-Mobile.  Most of these folks had older accounts with the original SIM chips and when they swapped out the chip for a newer one, POOF.  The problems all went away.
…interesting that the instructions on the SIMchip could have such a dramatic impact on the customer experience.


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