Posted by: kurtsh | January 26, 2005

Connecting the Verizon HTC XV6600 Pocket PC Phone to your Laptop as a Wireless Modem

After some searching and testing, I’ve determined that it is possible to use the HTC XV6600, Verizon’s latest Pocket PC Phone, as a wireless modem just as the previous Samsung i700 and i600 did.  The difference is that the XV6600 is EvDO capable delivering wireless speeds up to 500kbps in Los Angeles, Irvine, and San Diego.   Note that you obviously have to have a data plan for the unit.  This retails for $44.95/month.

You should download the drivers and dialer from.

The process is a little more convoluted than with the Samsung i700. 
1) Turn off Activesync on the laptop.
2) Go to File…connection settings and uncheck the USB box.
3) Turn off the EvDO connection on the 6600 by holding down the end call button.
4) Start WModem on the phone.  Be sure to pick "USB" on the popup in WModem and hit the Start button. 
5) Plug your phone into the laptop via USB.  This will kick off the New Hardware Wizard on your system.
6) Point to the drivers on your laptop which you should have already downloaded above.
7) start the dialer and use the following information:
User: <phonenumber>
Password: vzw
Dial number: 777#


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