Posted by: kurtsh | January 25, 2016

HOWTO: Find & reenable/reactivate dismissed reminders in Outlook

We’ve all accidentally dismissed reminders in Outlook when they appear.  Many times it’s a result of “hitting the “Dismiss All” button in they Reminder dialog box.

In case you didn’t know, you can reenable the Reminders you accidentally dismissed.

If it’s just one or two reminders that you know about, you can imageopen the originating meeting or appointment for the reminder.  In the ribbon, you will see a Reminder field.  (See snapshot to the right)

If you dismissed the reminder then the Reminder field will say None. Change it to a new interval and then click Save & Close. The Reminder should be reenabled.

Sometimes however, you might dismiss a lot of reminders and not know what you just dismissed.  (This can happen when you “Dismiss All” and watch 15 reminders disappear from the Reminder dialog box before you get the chance to read any of them)

Outlook Tips has a solution for this involving searching for modified:[date] in order to find any calendar objects that were recently changed by your dismissal of their reminders.  


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