Posted by: kurtsh | September 8, 2010

OFFER: Any Microsoft Press eBook in ePub, .APK, .MOBI, .PDF, & Daisy… for $4.99?!?

image Holy cow.  I haven’t tried this but if Ed Bott speaks true… and he always does…

You can get all 5 eBook versions of any Microsoft Press title for just $4.95 if you already own the paper bound version.  This includes ePub, .APK, .MOBI, .PDF, and Daisy formats.  All of them.  $4.95 total.

This is no joke.  Of course the eBook version of the title needs to be available but if it is, you’re in fat city because the deal is ridiculously cheap. 

Go check out the article describing how to take advantage of this insane offer on Ed’s site.


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