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EVENT: MSDN presents, “Entity Framework 4” – Los Angeles, Sept 21

image MSDN events presents:  Entity Framework 4
You are not going to want to miss this half-day event where Rob Bagby will be illustrating how to take advantage of the Entity Framework 4 in your applications.  The event will be split across 3 sections and will be demo-driven.

Part I: Modeling, Mapping and Relationships
In part I, Rob will start with an overview of Entity Framework 4.  He will then delve into modeling and mapping with the EF.  He will cover how you can create a “conceptual” or “application-centric” model within the framework to meet the needs of your application.  He will also cover relationships in the Entity Framework, including the new Foreign Key relationships in Entity Framework 4.

Part II: Querying the Model
In part II, Rob will provide an overview of your querying options in the Entity Framework.  He will discuss your querying options in Entity Framework 4, including the following:

  • Entity SQL – What, how and why you might choose to use it
  • Query Builder Methods – What they are
  • LINQ to Entities – LINQ to Entities Overview; Method-Based Syntax vs. Query-Based Syntax
  • Stored Procedures – Read and Write
  • Views, Defining Queries – Composable items

Part III: Updating the model and Real-world functionality (given time)
In Part III, Rob will discuss working with Object Services to track changes and perform persistence.  This section will include a discussion of the new templates in Entity Framework 4 aimed at working in disconnected environments: the POCO template and the Self-Tracking Entities template.  Given time, Rob will illustrate how the EF supports functionality that real-world applications require such as concurrency, validation and transactions.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 1:00 PM – Tuesday, September 21, 2010 5:00 PM
Welcome Time: 12:30 PM

Microsoft Los Angeles Office 
333 S Grand Ave Suite 3300
Los Angeles California 90071

Parking in Los Angeles:
Parking will not be hosted for this event. Discounted parking is available at Joe’s Auto Parks (Lots 220 and 240) located on the corner of Hope and Gen Thaddeus Kosciuszko Way (lot address: 220 S. Hope Los Angeles CA 90071). Fees are $12.00 (cash only) for the full day.

Please note that Joe’s Auto Park is an unaffiliated, independent vendor and that Microsoft is in no way liable for any negligence or any damage that may be incurred by attendees who utilize this parking facility.

If you are a customer of mine, please contact me for registration details.


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