Posted by: kurtsh | August 28, 2010

RELEASE: “MOF Reliability Workbooks” – Checklists for maintenance & monitoring

What is Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)?  MOF 4.0 provides relevant, practical, and accessible guidance for today’s IT pros. MOF strives to seamlessly blend business and IT goals while establishing and implementing reliable, cost-effective IT services. MOF is a free, downloadable framework that encompasses the entire service management lifecycle. (More information can be found at

Just one aspect of MOF is the MOF Technology Library.  The MOF Technology Library provides guidance and best practices to help IT pros better understand how to use MOF with Microsoft technologies. The first component of the library is a new series of reliability workbooks. These resources provide the knowledge, specific tasks, and schedules needed to keep technologies running smoothly so IT can deliver the services an organization expects. Each workbook includes maintenance and monitoring tasks, common risk areas, and standard changes for the ongoing care of specific technologies.   The workbooks can be found at ( ). 


Downloadable Workbooks: (.ZIP files)


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