Posted by: kurtsh | July 19, 2010

VIDEO: Justin Bieber’s concert series… sponsored by Xbox & Kinect

image Some of you know that we hired Justin Bieber to open our Mission Viejo, CA store back when he wasn’t a household name. on the cusp of ‘blowin’ up’.  He did a concert for some 1000 screaming fans when we opened the store to much fanfare.  Say what you want about all of that:  You can’t deny that we bet on the right “up and comer”. 

But so did Justin.  We at Microsoft now sponsor his world tour and he opens every show with a demonstration of Kinect on Xbox 360.

It’s apparently made quite an impression on the Moms & daughters that attend.  Feedback from attendees has been basically that they all wanted to know “What was that?  Can we get it?  When?” 

Here’s a shaky cam video so that you know what your wives & daughters are all talking about when they come home from the concert talking about the opening act.  I think this product placement was quite well produced.


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