Posted by: kurtsh | July 10, 2010

NEWS: “Microsoft by the Numbers”

image Unless you were living under a rock, the other week there was quite a hubbub created over a blog post that Microsoft Corporate VP of Communications made that shined a light on some statistics that helped put matters of Microsoft’s relevance to the technology industry into perspective.

With media pundits blinded by the glitz, glitter, and flash of Google, or the purported dominance of Apple especially with the recent market cap parity between it and MSFT – as if that actually meant anything tangible – many have resorted declaring Microsoft as an “afterthought” or “irrelevant” in both today & tomorrow’s industry.

Microsoft VP Communications decided to release a few “let’s get back to reality” factoids to wake folks up – particularly the media elite – about the unquestionable definition of strength within an industry.


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