Posted by: kurtsh | May 20, 2010

NEWS: Microsoft Hotmail Wave 14 hits the net… with UNLIMITED STORAGE

image  The next generation Hotmail is due to be released in July or August.  With the next release, users will see a number of improvements.

  • Security will get stronger with encryption.
  • Phone over-the-air sync with Exchange ActiveSync for email, contacts, and calendar.
  • 10GB of attachments in a single message through Skydrive linking
  • Send instant messages & text message through Hotmail to your Messenger contacts
  • Outlook integration for mail, calendar, and contacts
  • Photos can be viewed from within the message preview window in slide show mode (leverages Silverlight) pictures will be automatically uploaded and stored in Sky Drive and displayed through the message. 
  • You Tube and Hulu videos can be played from within the message too; keeping users within the context of their inbox. 
  • Big improvements for message management are coming as well with threaded conversations, filtering, social network summaries, and more. 
  • Of course, there will be integration with Office web apps for viewing and editing attached documents. 

For more information on the new Hotmail coming this summer, visit:

Here are several articles already released:


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