Posted by: kurtsh | May 20, 2010

NEWS: “Google still a distant Office competitor” according to Forrester

Paul Thurrott made a comment in a recent post on his blog about how the media’s stance around Office & productivity tools has always been one in which Google was referred to as the dominant player or the “company to beat” whereas Microsoft has somehow been playing “catch up” to what Google purportedly offers in the productivity space. 

Anyone that hasn’t been usurped by technology religion knows that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  And now, there’s documented evidence that Google’s presence in the media is predominantly hype.  For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, there was a recently published Forrester report which states:

  • 81% of enterprises use Office 2007
  • 4% use Google Docs

clip_image001Here are some of the top conclusions:

  • 1/3 of survey respondents are planning to upgrade to Office 2010
  • Enterprises that had Office “alternatives” installed were for the purpose of specific workforce needs and were complementary to Office not a replacement
  • Forrester’s Conclusion: “The alternatives to Microsoft Office today do not meet the needs of the enterprises Forrester surveyed. Common end user barriers to adoption of alternatives include lack of required functionality, third-party integration requirements, user acceptance, lack of seamless interoperability with Office, and legacy content support needs. These gaps will be bridged in the coming years as Google,, and others mature.”

Why are businesses anxious to move to Office 2010? Here is a chart from Forrester that outlines the reasons:

  1. The upgrade is included in our license program (52 percent)
  2. There are compelling benefits to be gained by upgrading (39 percent)
  3. We would like to be compatible with external partners or clients (35 percent)
  4. Business needs demand new or different tool supprt (26%)
  5. Current tools are no longer supported (20%)
  6. We are combining the upgrade with a new hardware rollout (19%)
  7. Our culture demands having the latest tools (15%)


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