Posted by: kurtsh | April 28, 2010

RELEASE: New Zune HD Apps – Stopwatch, Labyrinth, Solitaire!

Wheee!  3 new free apps for my Zune HD!

If you know me, you know I don’t go anywhere without my ZuneHD.  If I’m driving to work, I’m listening to my ZuneHD.  If I’m going to customers, I’ve got my ZuneHD on.  If I’m blogging… yes, right now… I have my ZuneHD on.  So it’s uber-cool to have a few new little timewasters available on it… totally free.

  • STOPWATCH – Simple ,easy to use stopwatch with lap splits and a countdown timer mode
  • SOLITAIRE – Play the quintessential single player card game anywhere you go.
  • LABYRINTH – Lead your marble through a world filled with a variety of challenges.

To get them, just run the Zune Client and click on MARKETPLACE – APPS and you’ll see them available for download.

image image image


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