Posted by: kurtsh | November 25, 2009

BETA: “Fishbowl” – a Facebook client for Windows 7

Looks like the folks at Microsoft Labs have come up with a fancy new Facebook client, optimized for Windows 7 users.


imageIt supports Aero Peek and is Touch ready for folks with touch Tablet PCs based on Windows 7.

One feature that I find particularly useful is the slide bar for “interest” level.  It essentially allows one to view a Friend and say, “I am more interested in this Friend than most.”  This way you’re provided with more updates in the News Feed than others.  It’s a good throttle because there’s a lot of people that frankly, write too much about too little that I actually care about.

Another feature that’s kinda cool is the Photo Bar which allows you to jump from Friend to Friend based on their photo.  It’s a nice highly rendered, highly accelerated-via-GPU function of the Fishbowl application that you simply can’t get using today’s technologies in AJAX and DHTML.

There’s also something called Mini Window Mode which allows you to keep your Fishbowl in a small window so that it’s imageunobtrusive but still keeps you up to date.  Seems like a Sidebar gadget/application to me but whatever.

All in all this is a very worthwhile app to grab.  Between this and Blu, the WPF powered Twitter app for Windows, I’d say there’s a very nice renaissance going on with Social Computing applications and next generation user interfaces.


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