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REPORT: “Netbooks fail 20% more than laptops,” reports SquareTrade

imageAlso known as, you get what you pay for.

The wily statistical researchers at SquareTrade, the folks that insure/warranty products predominantly from eBay but also independently have found through their monster database of numbers that people that buy cheap laptops… usually end up with malfunctions up to 20% more often than folks that purchase higher end laptops.

In fact, Premium laptops have the lowest malfunction rate where as Netbooks get returned due to malfunction the most.  Surprised?

Additionally, SquareTrade broke down who’s laptops are most reliable versus who’s… well… have malfunctions more than the others.  The message is clear:  Smaller outfits tend to have fewer returns.

And there were some interesting discoveries along the way.


image Manufacturers: Vast Differences in Reliability

  • When excluding accidental damage and examining hardware malfunctions by manufacturer, Asus and Toshiba come out on top.
  • Apple and Dell both fall in the middle with approximately an 18 percent failure rate; while industry leader HP has the highest failure rate.
  • Over one in four HP laptops in the study experienced a hardware malfunction during the first three years of ownership.

Other highlights of the study include:

  • Asus and Toshiba were the most reliable manufacturers, with fewer than 16 percent having a hardware malfunction over three years.
  • Netbooks are projected to have a 20 percent higher failure rate from hardware malfunctions than more expensive laptop computers.
  • Manufacturers proved to be a more reliable determinant of reliability than the type of laptop and should be a greater factor in making a purchase decision.


DOWNLOAD:  SquareTrade Research:  “Nearly 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years”


[taken from the SquareTrade blog]


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