Posted by: kurtsh | November 14, 2009

NEWS: SquareTrade reports current gen Xbox 360’s at <1% failure rate

image SquareTrade, the company famous for providing warranties for eBay purchases released a report detailing the aggregated return rate of the 3 major consoles on the market:  Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii.  It goes over the past history of the Xbox 360’s failure rate relative to the other consoles and gives numbers to back comparisons up.

What is interesting about the report, a survey involving a random sample of 16,000 console purchasers that had warranties with SquareTrade, is that it found that since introducing the “Jasper” chipset in the 4th quarter of CY2008, returns for the Xbox 360 console have dropped to <1%.

This is obviously good news for people planning on purchasing an Xbox 360 this holiday season.  The “Jasper” chipset (photo & identifying detail from console above) is a a 65nm trace-based CPU with a 65nm trace-based GPU, which means the computational units of the console are dramatically smaller, consume dramatically less power, and dissipate dramatically less heat in comparison to the previous 4 generations of chipsets within the Xbox 360.  This technology is what effectively “vaccinates” this generation of Xbox 360’s from the “Red Rings of Death” of previous generations.


REPORT:  SquareTrade – “Game Console Failure Rates”


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