Posted by: kurtsh | November 12, 2009

INFO: Accessories for the Verizon “HTC Touch Pro 2” Windows Phone

So here’s my report card on the accessories I bought – mostly imports from Hong Kong – for the Verizon HTC Touch Pro 2.  All accessories arrived within a week and a half.

  • Charge & Sync Cable – $33.99
    Grade:  A.  This is awesome.  Expensive but awesome.  In particular, there’s a switch in the middle of the cable to use it, instead of as a “charge & sync” cable, as a “charge ONLY” cable.  This is useful because it takes advantage of a special feature in the Touch Pro 2 that allows the phone to be charged in half the time if no synchronization is taking place.  Very unique.
  • High capacity 3600 mAh battery – $14.99
    Grade:  C.    The good news is the battery works and it indeed has a capacity nearly 3x that of the stock HTC Touch Pro 2.  The bad news is that it protrudes from the device so a different backplate has to be placed on your unit.  It comes with a battery-fitting backplate however the design of the backplate is for the TMOBILE Touch Pro 2 which has a different interface at the base of the phone.  It’s possible for force this plate onto your Verizon however you have to trim some of the plastic off the plate to make it fit using some strong scissors which is what I did.  And even when you do, now the Silicone case (see below) no longer fits.  Not cool.  I suppose this might be useful as a backup power source… or something to use if on a long plane ride.
  • Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Adapter – $5.54
    Grade:  A.  This is a standard mini-USB port-based charger for the car.  Works like a charm and cheap as heck.
  • USB Base Dock Cradle – $15.49
    Grade:  D.  The good news is that it has a space in the back for separately charging a backup battery for your phone, along with having a docking area for your phone to charge.  The bad news is that the unit, again, is designed for the TMOBILE Touch Pro 2 as so the port does not line up correctly on the dock with your phone and there’s no way to get it to work.  So this ends up simply being an external charger for batteries – which can be useful, I suppose.  But nothing like what I’d anticipated.
  • 3x Extra Steel Ballpoint Combo Stylus Pen – $8.35
    Grade:  A.  Perfect.  It comes with 3 replacements which you’ll undoubtedly need and the pen works well in crunch.
  • Soft Skin Clear Silicone Case – $15.69
    Grade B.  The case fits and it does a good job fitting & protecting the phone much to my surprise.  The gel wrapping fits like a glove and feels good in your hand because it improves one’s grip on the phone – preventing it from slipping from your hand.  It additionally has almost all the right “holes” cut in it to expose the buttons and speakers and microphones on the unit.  Every place that is except for the USB port which again is for the TMobile version.  This is easily rectified by trimming some of the silicone off the bottom to expose the ports as they should be exposed.  The gel does make the phone significantly thicker so be prepared for that however it really protects the device well.


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