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NEWS: TGDaily – “Is Windows 7 too good for Apple to FUD?”

Windows 7 is good.  Very good.  I know I’m biased but the independent reviews in the media all generally agree that Windows 7 is a good product.

image Is Windows 7 too good for Apple to FUD?
What I really hope is that Rob Enderle is right and that Windows 7 is viewed by the consumers at-large as being simply too good for Apple’s negative campaigning to touch.  When Apple insists on banging the same tired drum over and over again, you have to wonder if anyone is still listening to their negative campaigning. 

I mean, Enderle literally draws a comparison between Apple & some recent election losing politicians and their negative campaigning: “Is Apple the Tech McCain or George Bush?”  OUCH.

Is Windows 7 too good for Apple to FUD?
By Rob Enderle, Tuesday, October 27, 2009 06:20

Opinion: Apple was blindsided by Windows 7. It wasn’t the product which they saw coming, it was the sustaining marketing budget and positive reviews from Apple loyalists like Walt Mossberg they didn’t see (though several Mac fans have told me that Steve Jobs has taken Walt to task and he is changing his tune).

As a result they have shifted their negative campaign against Windows Vista into a FUD campaign against Windows 7 using innuendo and association to disparage Microsoft’s new platform. You can see the ads here but broken promises and PC News are pure but well done FUD.


imageHow Microsoft blindsided vulnerable Apple with Windows 7
Rob Enderle also goes on to make some points about how he believes Microsoft got the drop on Apple and their ‘modest’ announcements.

How Microsoft blindsided vulnerable Apple with Windows 7
By Rob Enderle, principal analyst, Enderle Group, Thursday, October 22, 2009 18:05

Column – I think the saying goes that those that don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.

This is likely to point with Apple this month as they sit stunned that Windows 7 is doing so well and they are left looking foolish with products priced out of the segment. Their big news this week was a couple of PCs, a new keyboard and a multi-touch mouse. This last will likely go down in history as one of the lamest devices yet as they should know, given the iPhone, that touch is connected to the screen and not anything else. They likely would have done better putting fir on the damn thing and building it to fart the star spangled banner at least that would have been patriotic.


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