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NEWS: PC World – “Windows 7 Will Change Everything, Analysts Say”

Customers that are tired of running on the IT treadmill of waiting for the next “desktop hardware refresh” to enable operating system upgrades should take a good close look at Windows 7.   Windows 7 does not have higher hardware requirements than its predecessor, Windows Vista.

In fact, they’re lower.


image Windows 7 Will Change Everything, Analysts Say

Ross O. Storey, MIS Asia

The new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system due for launch in October, will likely change the personal computer industry forever, according to research house Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan APAC VP IT Practice, Martin Gilliland, said that Windows 7 represents a "user-driven upgrade that breaks the link between PC OS and PC Hardware upgrade cycles for the first time in the history of the PC."

"This departure from tradition may force PC vendors and components suppliers, like Intel, to think of new ways to encourage PC buyers to upgrade their hardware," he said.

In a newly-released Asia Pacific Market Insights report, Gilliland said that Windows 7 represented the first update to the PC OS that does not require more hardware resources than the version before. Windows 7 was the first PC OS to come out of Microsoft that does not require more advanced machines to run than prior versions.

"In fact, the official system requirements to run Windows 7 are slightly lower than those required to run Vista," he said. "The CPU and RAM requirements are the same but the hard disk requirements are smaller for Windows 7.

"Windows 7 will drive significant upgrade revenue for Microsoft without any hardware upgrade thus separating Microsoft from the PC vendors in the next PC Upgrade Cycle."

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