Posted by: kurtsh | September 18, 2009

NEWS: PC World – “Windows 7 Moves People to the Cloud”


This is the first part of a very good article about Windows 7 and how it’s technology is in many ways specifically engineered to prepare businesses to have the flexibility to move back and forth between corporate networking & cloud computing.

One of the hottest buzzwords in technology is the ‘Cloud’. Vendors across all types of computer applications and services are looking for ways to leverage the power of cloud computing. Microsoft takes that a step further by making it easier to move a different kind of resource to the cloud: people.

Actually, that egg may have come before the chicken. Laptop sales have steadily crept up on desktop sales, surpassing desktops in late 2008. That is a domino-effect from another chicken-and-egg conundrum in that the work force has become increasingly remote and mobile.

Arguably, it is the evolution of remote computing and the rise of telecommuting and roaming users connecting from home, hotel rooms, and coffee shops which has fueled interest in cloud computing to begin with.

Regardless of which chicken begat which egg, this is the henhouse we live in now and it has been a headache for IT administrators. Remote and branch offices come with unique network connectivity issues. Roaming users with laptops are difficult to manage and secure, but Windows 7 (combined with Windows Server 2008 R2) has the potential to change that.

  • Dropped Connections. The VPN (virtual private network) is a fact of life for roaming…

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