Posted by: kurtsh | August 31, 2009

INFO: Exchange Server 2010 Voicemail Preview (Transcription)… FTW!

This morning I got a phone call while I was on a conference bridge.  The bridge was pretty important so I couldn’t drop to pick it up so I let it go to voice mail.  A minute later this is what showed up in my Outlook 2007 inbox:


Exchange Server 2010 & Office Communication Server 2007 R2’s Voice-to-Text Voicemail Transcription

That’s right:  Exchange Server 2010 provided a full transcription of this person’s voice mail

So cool, it’s disgusting.  I didn’t even have to listen to the voice mail to understand why this person was calling me.  It recorded the caller ID as well as the phone number that the person left me. (How often have you SCRAMBLED ABOUT FRANTICALLY trying to take down the phone number that a person is telling you on a voice mail?)

From here, I can:

  • Replay any part of the voice mail
  • Play the voice mail back directly on my phone
  • Click on the caller ID and call him back
  • Reply back to him in email directly from this voice mail if I have his email address in my contacts list
  • Forward the voicemail to someone else who can respond

And you know what’s even more phenomenal?  It’s all built into the Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise CAL.



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