Posted by: kurtsh | July 17, 2009

RELEASE: “SurfaceTwitter” – Touch-based Twitter client for Microsoft Surface

504x_surfacetwitterI don’t really need to explain what this is do I?

Alright.  For those looking for clarification, it’s a touch enabled client for Twitter.  Capacbilities include, as taken by the Swiss DPE team post:

  • Show the 25 most recent Tweets in a “ScatterView” control, making each Tweet a movable and resizable object on the Surface.
  • Automatically detect the presence of a TwitPic picture linked in a Tweet and display the picture’s thumbnail attached to the tweet it belongs to.
  • Mark Mentions (of the person currently logged in) by coloring the Tweet window blue.
  • Send Tweets using the Surface on-screen keyboard.
  • Auto-Refresh automatically every minute, marking new Tweets with a star icon. Updating is asynchronous and not blocking the user interface.


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