Posted by: kurtsh | June 26, 2009

HOWTO: Purchase Microsoft Points for your Zune or Xbox Live Account… on the cheap!

image Like everyone else, I’m always on the prowl to find a cheap deal on Microsoft Points to get my fix of Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox Live Downloadable Content, or Zune Marketplace downloadable music.  The problem is… like everyone else in the world, I don’t feel like paying retail, and believe it or not, I don’t get a discount on Microsoft Points, contrary to the belief of some.

The way to do this is to use eBay & Bing Cashback.  Basically here’s the difference in pricing using this method of purchasing Microsoft Points:

  • 4000 points is $50[RETAIL/AMAZON], or $1.25/100pts.
  • 4000 points is $35.88[eBAY+CASHBACK], or $.90/100pts.

This is essentially a 29% discount off retail Microsoft Points. 

Interested?  Then follow along:

  1. Search BING.COM for “Buy Microsoft Points” by clicking HERE.
    1. …or go to
    2. Type “Buy Microsoft Points” into the search
  2. Click on the link that has “”  “Bing cashback” and “You may get x% off with PayPal if eligible.”  This link should be the same as clicking HERE

    Timagehis will take you to eBay.  At the top of the screen, you should see logo & text that reads, “Microsoft cashback"  “Must use Buy It Now and PayPal.  See conditions” 
    (Note:  You may NOT see any useful search results yet, so don’t freak yet.)

  3. Type “Microsoft Points” in the ‘Find’ text box instead of what’s already in there.  (Which is likely something like, “buy+microsoft+points”)  This will display various new results.
  4. Click on the “Buy It Now only” tab.  This will identify the auctions that you can use for this discount.

    Amongst these auctions, there will USUALLY be someone selling for $39.99/4000 Microsoft Points. 
    (Note:  Sometimes you’re a little less lucky and you’ll find only deals for $41.99/4000 Microsoft Points which after discounting comes out to be a 22% discount, but it’s still a good deal.)

  5. Click on an auction that says “US Server” in the description and purchase it via “Buy It Now”.  Be sure to use PayPal to pay for the transaction to ensure your rebate.

    Buy doing this, you shouldn’t need to pay for shipping since the code will be mailed to you via email and you’ll get an 8% rebate through Bing Cashback.  (The 8% rebate is paid at a later date through your Bing cashback account. Read more at for more information.)

That’s it.  You’ll get about a 21% discount with the remaining 8% in your Bing Cashback account which will land in 60 days.

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